Plastic Surgery Trends Show Face Work Tops Procedures List

More Americans have continued to seek the services of a plastic surgeon for minimally-invasive procedures in recent years, particularly those that let them put their best face forward.

That’s according to annual plastic surgery procedural statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (Dr. Eric Wright is board certified by the ASPS).

The numbers from 2017 (the most recent statistics available) show minimally-invasive procedures were performed by a margin of 15 times over those requiring surgery.

In 2017, ASPS data show there were 15,714,118 minimally-invasive procedures while figures for cosmetic procedures registered 1,790,832 for an overall total of 17,504,950. Those numbers are a 2 percent increase from 2016. [Infographic].

“The statistics also reveal Americans are turning to new and innovative ways to shape their bodies, as minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have increased nearly 200% since 2000,” says the ASPS.

Top 5 minimally invasive procedures
7,230,967 Botox or Dysport
2,691,265 Soft tissue fillers
1,376,703 Chemical peel
1,086,830 Laser hair removal
740,287 Microdermabrasion

Top 10 cosmetic surgery procedures
300,378 Breast augmentation
246,354 Liposuction
210,924 Nose reshaping ( rhinoplasty
209,571 Eyelid surgery
129,753 Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
125,697 Facelift
105,219 Breast lift mastopexy
84,276 Dermabrasion
53,026 Neck lift
43,635 Breast reduction

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